Homemade Pistachio Ice Cream Recipe (Nutty & Creamy)

I go literally nuts when I think of pistachio ice cream, it's my favorite ice cream flavor.. Love this recipe because it's so easy to make and super yummy.. Has that nutty pistachio flavor and the creaminess of the blended creams keeps you wanting more. 

Pistachio ice cream also known as "Pista Ice Cream" was invented during the 1940's by a man called James Wood Parkinson from Philadelphia.

Since then many variations of pistachio ice cream have evolved especially in countries like France and Italy. In this ice cream recipe we used a few simple ingredients that blend well together. On top of that we added some crushed pistachio nuts.. A sweet delight!

Pistachio Ice Cream Recipe Ingredients

Ingredients For This Recipe
  • 2 Tbsp Of Chopped Roasted Pistachios
  • 1 Cup Of Cold Whipping Cream
  • 1/3 Cup Of Sweetened Condensed Milk
  • 1/2 Tsp Of Vanilla Essence
  • 1/4 Tsp Of Cardamom Powder
  • A Few Drops Of Green Dye

How To Make Pistachio Ice Cream

1. Take about 2 tablespoons of roasted pistachios from the shell and chop them with a knife.. If you are making a bigger quantity of ice cream and you need to chop more pistachios it may be better to use a food processor.

roasted pistachios

2. Pour 1 cup of cold whipping cream in a mixing bowl, add 1 tsp of vanilla essence and beat with a hand mixer until it becomes thick and creamy.. 

3. Then add 1/4 tsp of cardamom powder and 1/3 cup of sweetened condensed milk with a few drops of green dye.. Continue beating with a hand mixer until ingredients are blended. The cream by now should be light green in color.

4. Sprinkle the pistachio nuts on top of the cream then stir and mix it into the cream with a spatula.

pistachio nuts

5. Pour the ice cream batter into a baking pan and keep in the freezer over night. Enjoy pistachio ice cream the next day! It was easy, wasn't it? 👏

ice cream batter

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