History Of The Omelette & It's Origins

Omelette Dish

For many people around the world, omelets have actually become a staple in their morning breakfast. They’re not only filled with delicious food ingredients like eggs, cheeses and fresh vegetables, but they’re also very nutritious & make for the perfect energy starter.

But have you ever thought where the dish omelet originates from and why they’re such a famous food dish? What are some famous omelette recipes? Let’s find out! 

Omelettes Origin is Unknown 

While many associate the omelette dish with the French, others think that the Romans were the first people to make the omelette. This is because the ancient Romans mixed an egg with sweetened honey and then called it “ovemele,” which is close to the modern term, called omelet. 

Others think that this is just a coincidence and also think that the French people were the originators of the omelet, deriving the term from the “amelette,” which actually means “blade” in French. Because an omelet dish has the same shape of a blade, many people believe that the French were the ones to first invent this delicious dish.

Omelette In A Pan

Omelettes are also well-known food in Japan, although they call it as Tamagoyaki (rolled omelette), they often add dashi (or kelp) to it instead of the milk like we might do, and they generally eat the omelete as a side dish instead of a main meal. 

Japanese omelettes are actually sweeter than western ones. American people too have some of its share of history related to the first making of an omelet. 

The popular Denver omelet first started as the Denver sandwich, usually made up of two pieces of bread with a tasty omelet between them. This sandwich grew extremely famous near 1900. It was later on when the original Denver omelet was discovered. 

The Denver omelet has lots of cheese, diced ham, mushrooms, onions, & a bit of green pepper. A traditional tale suggests that the Denver omelet was made to suppress the stale flavor of fresh eggs brought by a wagon freight. 

Recipes Of Some Popular Varieties Of Omelettes 

Now that you know a bit of the history of the omelet, try some of these famous egg preparations from different parts of the world. 

Tortilla De Patatas, Spain 
This egg omelet is made with ‘patatas’ meaning the potatoes that are sliced and sauteed in oil with lots of onion, bell pepper, and fresh ginger. The potatoes are then mixed into the beaten eggs & are again cooked on both sides. When the omelet is done and has cooled down, this delicious cake-like omelet is cut into wedges and then is ready to serve. 

French Omelette, France 
The French omelette has a great reputation for being a gourmet food and cuisine dish in France. This special French dish is prepared with clarified fresh butter, cheese, tomatoes, and the onions that are sauteed along with whisked eggs. 

It’s usually prepared with a filling of spinach & ham. With omelet’s long and interesting history, it is now pretty clear that omelets are definitely here to stay. Interested in making your own delicious omelet? So, what are you waiting for! Buy some fresh eggs and mix them with your favourite vegetables and cook them!

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