Turkish Recipes

Turkish Recipes

Discover traditional Turkish recipes from our visitors. Turkish food and cuisine is often regarded as one of the best in the world. Its culinary traditions have successfully survived for about 1,300 years for different reasons, including its favorable regional location and its Mediterranean climate...

If you visit Turkey, I can guarantee you that you will get to taste various Kibbeh croquettes.. Very popular Middle Eastern dish.. Try this recipe, easy and delish.

Another croquette that's very popular in Turkey is their vegetarian croquettes (falafel). Served in street corners and markets through out the city of Ankara.

Although inspired by Pakistani and Indian cuisine.. Chicken Shawarma is an extremely popular dish in Turkey with some different variations.

2 Dip Recipes (Hummus & Muhammara)
When it comes down to tasty healthy dips, Turkey is king. The most popular Turkish platter dips are Hummus and Muhammara. Click to get their recipes.

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