Russian Recipes

Russian Chef Cooking

Russian recipes & food are distinctive and unique like any other nation. Russian cuisine was formed under different environmental and historical factors. They are rich in soups like borsh, shchi, fish soup (ukha), pickle soup (rassolnik), and okroshka..

Syrniki Cheese Pancakes
Syrniki (tvorozhniki) cheese pancakes also know as "Russian Cheesecakes" is a very popular dish in Serbian & Russian cuisine...

Potato Casserole With Minced Meat (Russian Zapekanka)
This dish is Russia's version of Shepard's Pie.. The potato Zapekanka is basically a potato casserole with minced meat (beef) in between 2 layers of mashed potatoes..

This Herring salad is a traditional Russian dish that originated in 1918. Historians believe that Anastas Bogomilov and Aristarchus Prokoptsev..

Variations of Borscht soup have originated in both Ukraine and Russia, the red coloring in the soup is made by incorporating beets, one of it's main ingredients...

Sharlotka Apple Cake
Just like the traditional American apple pie.. The Russians have a version of their own called Sharlotka..

The original Russian beef stroganoff ("stroganov") recipe is made from the thinly sliced beef, usually taken from a tender cut of meat like fillet..

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