Greek Recipes

Greek Recipes

Discover new easy Greek Recipes, make greek yogurt, salads with feta cheese and more. The cooking traditions of Greek date back 1000's of years. Greek food and recipes are known as some of the best food and cuisines in the world.

Oven Baked Lamb Chops With Greek Potatoes
Italian and Greek inspired dish with roasted lamb chops. Traditional easy recipe that is so big on flavor.

Moussaka With Lamb, Eggplant & B├ęchamel (Traditional Greek Recipe)
When we think of Greek Food Moussaka always comes to mind.. Moussaka is a traditional Greek dish of 3 baked layers: Vegetables (eggplant, potatoes) Meat, and Bechamel sauce..

Great dish inspired by middle eastern cuisine.. Although Greek pita's are commonly filled with lamb, in this recipe we used chicken.

This eggplant recipe has that bitter nutty taste of eggplant combined with the sweet taste of shrimp, it's a hearty fabulous dish that can be enjoyed at dinner..

Love this salad recipe especially on family gatherings. I just place a big bowl of salad with fresh bread in the middle of the table..

If you are Greek you definitely know about this dish.. Cabbage stuffed rolls is a staple of traditional greek cuisine...

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