French Recipes

French Recipes

French recipes' influence & recognition are legendary and have gained the status of having flair & elegance. The techniques used in French cuisine are widely taught in western cooking schools and culinary education..

French Suzette, Parisian ham and cheese, Classic Nutella and Manicotti Style Crepes.. 

There are quite a few variations of (Beef) Boeuf Bourguignon recipes, this one is on my favorites list and I would love to share it with you...

For this Creme Brulee recipe I made the classic Creme Brulee version with brown sugar burned on the surface however you can use different flavors..

Crepes are one of the more popular French food and cuisine dishes. Crepes are quite similar to pancakes; not only by their shape but..

Cheese Omelette Roll Recipe
For this recipe I added various types of vegetables, spices and mozzarella cheese but I made many omelette..

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