Salad Recipes

chef decorating salad

Health and wellbeing is everything when it comes to diet and salads are the absolute winners when it comes to heathy eating. It doesn’t matter if you’re on the lookout for an invigorating barbeque add-in,
want a picnic idea, maybe a potluck or want to have a green starter at your weekend night dinner, there are numerous options to try with salads. 

Our assortment of these green ideas and healthy options will enable you to make smart food choices whether you’re preparing for a light and fresh lunch at home or want to go creative for that fruit-vegetable combination on your plate.

Herring Under A Fur Coat
The elegant salad is known as "Herring Shuba Salad" Or "Herring Under A Fur Coat"...

Tomato Bruschetta
Tasty tomato salad placed on toasted bread, usually served as an appetizer...

Tuna Salad Recipe With Vegetables
A great all natural healthy tuna salad recipe with no mayo, it's very simple to make and tasty...

Greek Salad Recipe With Feta Cheese
Love this salad recipe especially on family gatherings. I just place a big bowl of salad with fresh bread in the middle of the table and I love to see guests gorge out with their meal...

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