Rice Recipes

Rice Recipes

Look to the Americas and go all the way through to Asia, you will find rice to be the one of the most adored grains no matter where you look.
With tens of varieties available in the market, each form of rice boasts its own unique texture, nutritional characteristics and most importantly an excellent taste. 

Whether you use rice as side dishes for complementing a whole range of cuisines, prepare a hearty breakfast, use its ease of preparation to come forward with a delicious weeknight dinner, or even a sweet rice delicacy, the possibilities with our recipes are pleasantly endless.

California Rolls (Sushi)
A dish made with sushi rice, cucumber, imitation crab and avocado.

Arancini - Italian Rice Balls
Sicily's tradItional arancini is usually cooked with boiled rice flavored with special saffron and stuffed either with organic caciocavallo (cheese), and “rag├╣”

Vegan Rice Paper Rolls
Vietnamese rice paper rolls also called "fresh spring rolls" originated in China. As Chinese immigrants settled in Vietnam some of their traditional dishes surfaced..

Arroz Con Pollo
Cuban recipe "Chicken With Rice".. The rice is slowly cooked with chicken which allows the it to be very tender and the rice becomes very fluffy soaking up all the juices from the chicken...

Chicken Fried Rice
Once you know how to make a basic chicken fried rice dish you can add whatever you wish that will suit your palette. (Cashews, Ham, Shrimp..etc)...

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