Potato Recipes

Potato Recipes

With over a staggering 4,000 varieties available around the globe, potatoes are the undisputed champions of the food world. You can put them to any test and weight their characteristics in any manner but in the
you will always find them among the healthiest, the most inexpensive and nutritious foods on the planet. 

Their versatility and nutrient-rich profile make them an excellent choice for hundreds of recipes and seasonings. 

No matter what form you mold them into, from baked or mashed to boiled and scalloped, they will complement any dish and pair with any sauce you want to make. Don’t believe it? Check out what our potato recipes have to say!

Potato Cheese Balls
A great recipe dish for potato and cheese lovers.. Mashed potatoes mixed with different cheeses, the ultimate potato croquette..

Potato Dumplings
Potato balls made with eggs, flour and bread crumbs inspired by German cuisine.. 

Baked Lamb Chops With Potatoes
Lamb chops baked with greek potatoes.. 

This dish is Russia's version of Shepard's Pie.. The potato Zapekanka is basically a potato casserole with minced meat (beef) in between 2 layers of mashed potatoes...

Greek Moussaka
Moussaka is a traditional Greek dish of 3 baked layers: Vegetables (eggplant, potatoes) Meat (ground beef, pork or lamb)..

Homemade Potato Gnocchi
Every region in Italy has their own variation of potato Gnocchi however this recipe is the most popular...

Homemade Crispy French Fries
McDonald's fries are arguably the best and quality fast food item ever invented. With their perfectly fried crisp exterior, soft, and pillowy interior..

Aloo Paratha (Indian Stuffed Flatbread)
The stuffing of the delicious potato or aloo paratha, which is primarily (ingredient) boiled potatoes, can be a deal maker or deal breaker for all food lovers...

Creamy Mashed Potatoes Recipe
Mash Potatoes are extremely popular in American and tend to be a favorite side dish other than french fries. Mashed Potatoes are a must side dish for BBQ's..

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