Lunch Food & Recipe Ideas

Lunch Food & Recipe Ideas

Lunch is an essential meal for everyone. It provides energy & vital nutrients to keep the body & brain working efficiently through the day and afternoon.

A packed healthy lunch made at home can be a delicious choice and gives you good control over the foods & ingredients included. 

Dietary surveys suggested that most individuals need to cut down on their intakes of high saturated fat, salt & sugar, and increase the consumption of dietary fibre, vegetables & oily fish. 

Packing a healthy lunch every day is an excellent way to help you meet your daily goals & can also save you some money. Below are some great lunch food ideas and their recipes.. Great on the go meals.

Fast Easy One Pan Pizza Recipe
Make a pan pizza ready to eat in less than 30 minutes. Puff Pastry cheese pizza recipe included. 

Ground Beef Tacos
Tacos are one of the best on the go lunch foods, just go to a Taco Bell at lunch time it's likely to be packed.. People love to eat them for lunch.

Chicken Shawarma
Make them the day before you won't be disappointed.. Healthy and the perfect on the go lunch meal. 

Beef Empanadas
From kids to adults, everybody just loves these patties.. They are super delicious, can eat them anywhere at lunch break.. In the car, during meetings, coffee break..etc

Chicken Nuggets
This is my kid's favorite recipe, they love them! I have twin boys and they always ask me to put chicken nuggets in their lunch box...

Jamaican Beef Patty
Like the empanada the Jamaican patty is the perfect on the go lunch food choice for many..

Healthy Tuna Salad
If you just want to eat a light lunch at work or before/after the gym this salad may do the trick. Get an energy boost for the rest of the day. 

Meat Croquettes
Brazilian inspired meat croquettes (kibbeh) is another lunch treat that can be eaten for lunch, paired with a healthy salad.

Vegetarian Falafels
These vegetable falafels are amongst the most popular croquettes in the world. On top of their deliciousness they are very healthy and make good lunch break snacks..

Arancini (Italian Rice Balls)
Arancini's make great appetizers, on the go snacks and hearty lunch fillers..

Cuban Sandwich
Cuban Sandwiches are packed with flavor and delicious. They are perfect on the go hearty meals for lunch..

Coxinha (Chicken Croquette)
Two of these will surely pack a punch on your belly.. Tasty and satisfying, the Brazilian chicken croquette is one of the most popular chicken fritter in the world..

Pasta With Pesto Sauce
Here's a dish you can prepare the day before and eat it on your lunch break the next day.. Pop it in the microwave for a a minute and you are good to go..

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