Appetizer Recipes

Appetizers are food dishes served before the main course of the meal and they’re intended to stimulate your appetite. Therefore appetizers look attractive in appearance and are tempting in flavor. Appetizers may be served before informal and formal meals can be made up of a variety of food

combinations. Types of Appetizers can be divided into mainly four groups and they are: 

Starters Or Appetizers: A small portion of any dish served before a main course meal.. For example a small portion of gnocchi, soup or salad can be an appetizer.

Cocktails: These types of appetizers consist of vegetable, seafood mixtures, fruit, or fruit juices. Note: We will get into cocktails later as the site matures.

Canapes: They are bite-size bits of savory food spread skillfully on an edible base and are attractively decorated. Different kinds of bread cutouts, biscuits or crackers may be used as a base. 

Hors D’oeuvres: These types of appetizers are nippy, high-flavored mixtures of varieties of cuisines and foods designed to eat from the fingers or from toothpicks.

Appetizer Food & Recipe Ideas

Homemade Beef Tacos
Tacos are very popular and they can be served in small quantities served before a main course meal as a satisfying appetizer or between meals food.

Who doesn't love sushi for an appetizer, learn how to make California rolls at home.

Potato Cheese Balls
You can add little cubes of ham, vegetables like green peas & carrots or shredded chicken. It's one of my favorite appetizers..

A variety of Bruschetta recipe ideas including the classic traditional bruschetta with tomato topping.

Vegetable Spring Rolls
Fried crispy vegetable rolls, one the most popular appetizers in Asian cuisine.

Kibbeh Meat Croquette
Kibbeh originated in Lebanon and became a staple dish of middle eastern and South American cuisine.. A great appetizer.

Fried Polenta Sticks
Polenta chips are great appetizers for any occasion and on top of they are easy to prepare. 

Hummus Dip
A classic appetizer favorite.. A dip that can be served with a wide range of fresh vegetables.

Herring Under A Fur Coat (Salad)
Very popular Russian dish that is served in small portions before a main course meal.

Tempura (Shrimp & Vegetables)
Tempura is one of the most popular Japanese fried food appetizers made from fish and various vegetables. 

Vegetarian Falafels
On top of their deliciousness they are very healthy and make good appetizer snacks for meat and vegan eaters.

Coxinha Chicken Croquettes
Very popular chicken croquette not only in Brazil but around the world. Can be served as an appetizer but is mainly a lunch on the go meal.

Chinese Fried Egg Rolls
A Chinese favorite when it comes to appetizers.. There is not one Chinese menu that does not include beef, vegan, or pork egg rolls.

Chicken Wings Or Buffalo Wings
Can be a main course meal however many people enjoy chicken wings before eating their entree as an appetizer.

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