Munchies & Snacks

munchies & snacks recipes

Munchies and snacks are a portion of food often smaller than a regular main course meal, mostly eaten between meals. They come in several forms including packaged & processed foods and products made from fresh ingredients at home.

Traditionally, snacks and munchies were prepared from ingredients commonly available in the home. Often leftovers, nuts, fruit, & the like were used as munchies and snacks. 

Beverages, like coffee, are not generally considered as snacks because they may be consumed along with snack and munchies foods. 

A beverage may be considered a snack item if it has a substantive food ingredient that has been blended to create a smoothie. Plain snacks and munchies such as plain cereals, pasta & fresh vegetables are also very popular among the people of all ages.

Potato Cheese Balls Snacks
Little crispy croquette balls made with mashed potatoes and cheese.. 

Brigadeiro Chocolate Truffles
Brigadeiro chocolate truffles or fudge balls were traditionally served on holidays in Brazil, today they are served as desserts or sweet snack.. 

Chicken Nuggets
Little chicken croquettes with dip sauce.. Extremely popular as a snack.

Vegetarian Falafels
These vegetable falafels are amongst the most popular croquettes in the world, eaten as a snack, appetizer and on the go lunch.. 

Red Velvet Muffins
Muffins in general are one of most popular snack foods, people love them especially on breaks with coffee or tea. Here's a recipe for Red Velvet cupcakes.

Chinese Egg Rolls
Usually done with beef, pork or cabbage, 
Egg Rolls make great appetizers or snacks. People love to eat them on their breaks.

Crispy French Fries
I can't count how many times I craved french fries as a snack.. Whether I made them at home or stopped at McDonalds.. French fries are definitely at the top of the list for snacks.

Tiramisu is one of the most loved and well-known Italian desserts eaten with a spoon. People also love making the dessert in small portions or in cups so they can enjoy it as a snack.

Rice Paper Rolls
Taste great and above all so nutritional and healthy, eat them at lunch, between breaks, before or after the gym.. The perfect energy booster.

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