Dinner & Entree Recipes (Main Course Meals)

main course meals recipes

The term entrée (pronounced as "ON-tray") can sometimes be a confusing one, especially for the world travelers. It is a culinary food term that highlights a course during meal service, but which sort of course depends on where you are dining.

In the United States & some parts of Canada, the word entrée is commonly used to mean the main dish part of a meal, like a roast chicken with fresh vegetables. 

However, in some other countries, specifically Europe, it is not uncommon to hear the term entrée used to indicate a first meal course, appetizer, or a starter. This can include hors d'oeuvre appetizer, soup, or simple salad. 

When traveling, it is quite helpful to remember the ‘Entrée’ meaning. Otherwise, you might end up getting your main course as a starter or vice versa. If you are not absolutely sure, you could then always specify "first course" or "appetizer" when ordering a starter, & the "second course" or "main course" instead of using the word entrée at all.

Spaghetti alla Puttanesca
A great traditional Italian pasta dish that the whole family can enjoy at dinner time accompanied with a glass of red wine..

Traditional Bucatini Amatriciana 
A tasty pasta dish with origins in Amatrice (Italy) made famous by romans usually served at dinner time accompanied with fresh bread.

Rigatoni Alla Norma
A delicious pasta dish served as an entree at dinner time, very popular vegetarian dish and meat lovers too.. A sauce made with fried eggplant.

Inspired by french cuisine.. Very similar to American beef stew but with wine as a main ingredient.

Fettuccini Alfredo
Hearty cream sauce made with butter and cheese usually served as a main dish.

Spaghetti Carbonara
Popular Italian pasta dish made with egg and pork cheek (guanciale).

Old fashioned traditional lasagna recipe with ground lamb, pork and bechamel.

Greek Moussaka
Layers of eggplant, potatoes and minced meat.. Inspired by Greek cuisine.

Very popular Holiday dish especially on Easter. Served as a main course meal.

Beef Stroganoff
A traditional Russian dish made with beef and cream sauce place on top of mashed potatoes.

Mac & Cheese Casserole
Macaroni and cheese is known all over the world.. Very popular dinner, lunch dish.

Buttermilk Chicken Paprika
Like KFC, if done right it's even better. Delicious fried chicken batter, idea for lunch or dinner.

In this recipe we used traditional all American meatloaf ingredients.. 

Honey Glazed Ham
A great dish to cook at dinner time and holidays. Usually served as a main course meal with side dishes.

Russian Potato Casserole
This dish is Russia's version of Shepard's Pie.. The potato Zapekanka is basically a potato casserole..

Spaghetti Bolognese
Delicious pasta dish made with tomato sauce and ground beef or veal..

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